Eighth Day Nation: While the band comes from power/pop & alternative rock roots, they incorporate several different genre's of popular music into their album. Whether it's with a big rock/alt rock anthem like "Belong" or the over the top pop rock of "What I Keep", they can also bring in some Latin influences on "The Match". Eighth Day Nation is solidly based in the concept of every song is a single, that will just kick your ass.


STUART ALLEN (VOCALS):  Comes from a background of singing in church choir. Then Van Halen made him want to sing like the devil. Can't top his vocal chops.

RON GALVIN (GUITAR, VOCALS): His power pop/rock sensibilities come from the same K-tel albums that made Mr. Casebeer go. A connoisseur of big rock.

BRUCE FOSTER (KEYBOARDS): How many bands can say they have a Grammy nominated virtuoso on the keys. Best at what he does on the planet.

GARY SHUST (DRUMS): Simply put; a force of nature that should scare you. Badly.

JODY GIAMBELLUCA (BASS): In addition to being a great man on the low notes, how many people do you know who had a recurring role in the "Rocky" movie saga? Really? How many? Didn't think so.

JAY BRAUN: Engineered this album like a boss, in a studio he built by hand of all recycled snow cone machines.

JOE CASEBEER:  Co-produced & wrote this album based solely on his love for the afore mentioned K-tel albums he and Ron would spend their time listening too instead of going to class.

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